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SALES SUPPORT proposes several trading possibilities for its products to ensure flexibility and higher customer satisfaction. These options include several financing methods, buy-back, lease-to-buy, crane exchange and short/long term lease contracts.

TECHNICAL SUPPORT We have talented, hard workers, and well-qualified tower crane engineers. They have assembled all machinery effectively and efficiently. we strictly follow international & local safety standard

MAINTENANCE we ensure you get your return on investment by providing many benefits along with our cranes and hoists. These services include but are not limited to the refurbishing, painting, stocking and of course fixing of cranes and hoists.

TRAINING Upon request, albalqacranes can train the client’s team to be fully independent with operating our tower cranes. Training programs include mounting and dismantling of equipment, safety rules and a comprehensive learning on tower cranes and hoists.

Mobile Crane Rental in Dubai

Al-Balqa also provides mobile crane rental services in Dubai at affordable prices. They supply their cranes at rent. if you need a mobile crane any time please contact with our team

When it comes to building skyscrapers. There is no piece of construction equipment more essential then Tower Crane. These heavy lifting machines dominate the city skyline, hosting materials and machinery to some of the highest construction site on earth. They have become a part every day life in almost every major city like Dubai as contractors race to build high-rise to high rise, and more than 100,000 can be found in operation around the world at any given time.

The following tower cranes available in Dubai

  • LIEBHERR Tower Crane
  • POTAIN Crane in Dubai
  • SYM
  • SCM
  • HUBA

and other Tower Crane availbale in Dubai. We also have Mobile Cranes (50 Tons and 100 Tons) from different brands. Erath moving heavy machinery like wheel loader, excavators available in Dubai.(Rental Option is Available) we also provide crane rental dubai services.


if are you looking for a tower crane supplier or tower crane rental company in dubai then albalqa different types of cranes. All cranes are available in rental base and contract base in dubai.We also have a mobile crane that used for eqipment and material transportation to heights for installation.

we have following types of mobile crane available in dubai.

  • Carry Duck Crane
  • Crawler Crane
  • Floting Crane
  • Rough Terrain
  • Crane